VT3 - Features

VT3 Features

  • Ford Transit S8P Cutaway Chassis
  • Up to 17 passengers*
  • Patented, aircraft grade aluminum roll-cage structure for superior strength
  • Aerodynamic exterior with sophisticated, automotive styling
  • Under-body lighting at entry locations
  • Wide, 2-step entrance  
  • Ultra-quiet insulation package
  • Exceptional visibility and handling for driver 
  • Generous side windows, Optional front upper passenger windshield
  • Sleek interior with accent trim and optional dim-able lighting
  • Wide aisle with interior headroom
  • 10,350 GVWR
  • CDL license not required in most states **
* Some floorplans include luggage areas that reduce the number of seats.  The maximum possible occupancy in this class is 17 seats.
**Vehicles with 15 occupants or less do not require CDL in most states.  Those with 16 or more do require CDL.