October 2014

A Turtle Spotting at Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada

A TURTLE SPOTTING AT NIAGARA FALLS, ONTARIO CANADA Beautiful scenery.  Beautiful Ride. The Van Terra features sophisticated styling and offers luxurious travel amenities to the mid-size coach market. These classy vehicles emphasis a commitment to safety, construction, styling and ease of operation. The Turtle Top Van Terra is a great choice for sightseeing in small […]

New Entry Looms in Growing, Small Bus/Coach Sector

NEW ENTRY LOOMS IN GROWING, SMALL BUS/COACH SECTOR Vehicles that stretch 45 feet long and carry 55 passengers are king of the road as far as most motorcoach operators are concerned.  But, in some cases, bigger isn’t always better.  For several practical and financial reasons, an increasing number of operators have supplemented their fleets in […]