As part of our spiritual mission statement, Turtle Top and IPC and many additional family members participated in our 3rd annual service project. This event is organized by Feed My Starving Children Mobilepack.  This is most of our crew waiting for instructions.

A short DVD was shown giving examples of children we have helped in the past.  In it many children share their dreams of future careers as doctors, engineers, and leaders in their communities.  For a more detailed story, visit our Facebook page.  For more info about this vehicle of HOPE, go to www.fmsc.org.

“Vitamins, Veggies, Soy & Rice” are staged for assembly into a “Manna Pack”.

This room is alive and noisy as teams worked together to fill their packets, which then are packed in boxes.  Yes, there is a bit of competition between a few of our cells.

Each  Manna Pack will feed 6 children.  The ingredients have been properly selected and measured to meet the needs of malnourished children. Typically, these are distributed through schools and childcare facilities.  Today’s total came to 133,704 meals!  That will feed 366 kids for a year!

As individuals, we each have a story.  It is a great blessing when our stories can blend together in a focused effort to change the stories of those less fortunate.  Thank you, God, for this great opportunity.