Busline Magazine’s motorcoach feature article is “GO Alpine” based in Steamboat Springs, CO.  

“Everything we do comes back to the same three things — safety, compliance and customer service.” — President Lisa Adamo

Following is a portion of this article.

GO Alpine’s fleet of 70 vehicles includes minivans, suburbans, large vans, a luxury limousine and minibuses.  The company’s larger minibuses carry up to 29 passengers.  Three of the company’s vehicles are handicap equipped — a full-size van and two sizes of minibuses.  

“We have learned, after so many years, that for our customers’ comfort, vehicles larger than 29 passengers do not work as well in our mountainous area because of accessibility and the condition of some of our roads,”  Adamo said.  

As a part of its fleet, GO Alpine  uses Turtle Top vehicles to navigate the tough road conditions during the winter season, especially on its Denver shuttle runs.

“We are using Turtle Top vehicles on the worst roads, driving people to Denver on a daily basis,” Adamo said, “Turtle Top buses are very dependable and comfortable.  Our customers really enjoy them.  They look so nice going out.  They are just beautiful.”

In purchasing Turtle Top vehicles, GO Alpine works exclusively with Davey Coach Sales, Inc., of Sedalia, CO, Adamo said.  While GO Alpine owns all of its vehicles, it leases three additional minibuses from Davey Coach during the winter season.

“We have worked with Tom Davey as long as I can remember for leasing and most of our large vehicle purchases,” Adamo said.  “He is constantly looking out for our needs, sometimes realizing them before I do.”  (Click here for the full article)