Independent Protection Company Green Initiative

We at IPC/Turtle Top feel it our responsibility to do what is in our control to help eliminate waste that can potentially harm our environment. Furthermore we feel it necessary to invest financially in the growth and development products that help further that goal.

The relationships we have established with industry professionals aid us in compliance and are exceeding State and Federal mandates for water, energy, and soil conservation. We have a compliance specialist on staff that is responsible for reporting to those agencies and enforcing the growth of green initiatives with our staff and management. IPC executives serve on committees and associations designed to advance technology and educate the public on preservation.

Most recently our New Paris facility has taken part in a Solar Energy Cooperative with Solcient Energy and NIPSCO wherein sunlight is harvested from the rooftops of some of our commercial bus production plants and used to feed the local electrical grid. This 25 year program is designed to harvest hundreds of megawatts of power, but most importantly is estimated to save twelve hundred pounds of pollutants from entering the environment.

Turtle Top, IPC’s Commercial Bus division continues to dedicate resources for partners designing and advancing alternative energy and fuel platforms. The design of original equipment and aftermarket systems continues to be improved to provide equal service and function while reducing fossil fuel pollutant footprints. The use of electric hybrids, propane, natural gas and hydrogen are all possible on Turtle Top products in multiple segments.

As an example Turtle Top recently delivered a fleet of forty-two Bio-Diesel Ultra-Capacitor Hybrid Fixed Route Paratransit Buses for use in the Metro St. Louis Area. These vehicles use approximately 25% less fossil fuels and will save thousands of tons of harmful pollutants over the seven year duty cycle.