Mission Statement

Independent Protection Co., Inc.

Our Spiritual Mission is…

…to provide a manufacturing work environment that will promote and strengthen a strong belief in God our Father. This will hopefully lead to a personal one on one relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord for every one of our team members, customers, and other contacts.

Our long-term objective is to support an attitude where family takes top priority and where involvement in church and local community service activities are encouraged.

Our goal is to tithe 10% of our annual corporate profits to the glory of God for the work of His Kingdom and the support of His will throughout the world.

 Our Corporate Mission is …

…to provide manufactured products at a level to reward our team members with above normal living means and provide longterm job security to our employees while maintaining our position as a world class manufacturer and supplier of transit/specialty vehicles and lightning protection materials as defined by our customers in the areas of quality, delivery, technology and cost.

Our long-term objective is to install in all our team members the belief that success, profit and job security can only be provided by satisfied customers.

Our goal is to develop customer service as our No. 1 priority in the belief that if we satisfy our customers beyond their expectations; satisfied customers will provide success, profit and job security to everyone within our organization.