Our Partners

Turtle Top has implemented a Small Business Provision Program to foster and expand participation with our current business partners.  In sourcing out materials for transit bus and specialty vehicle manufacturing, we would very much appreciate your active participation.  Please take a moment to fill in our short survey above.

We at Turtle Top are honored to partner with the following suppliers for your transportation needs.  It is a pleasure to work along side other professional businesses who also make the end customer a top priority.

Braun Corporation

Phone: 574-946-4139
Braun offers powered wheelchair ramps for Transit Buses and specialized 24 volt wheelchair lifts for Motorcoaches.  Visit their site

Freedman Seating

Phone: 800-443-4540
Freedman manufactures seats and seating related products for small & midsize buses, heavy duty transit, Para transit, vans, commercial vehicles, rail cars, trucks, specialty vehicles and more.  Visit their site

Premier Products

Phone: 855-881-1800
Premier produces a wide range of seats for many different vehicle applications. From shuttle vans and buses to luxury private vehicles we offer the best in class in every category. Each of our products, regardless of style, encompasses custom engineered frames that meet or exceed FMVSS regulations, the highest quality foam and vinyl/leather available and an OEM quality fit and finish that distinguishes us from all other seat manufacturers. If it is not a Premier, you are settling for second best.  Visit their site


Contact: 800-987-9987
Email: qstraint@qstraint.com
Q’Straint is a global provider of wheelchair passenger safety solutions.  Visit their site


Phone: 866-787-3565
Email: orders@Sure-Lok.com
Sure-Lok offers a wide selection of wheelchair securements and occupant restraint systems, giving our customers the freedom to choose the system that best meets their needs.  Visit their site


Phone: 574-293-1581
Email: sales@morryde.com
More than a suspension company… MOR/ryde Intl designs and manufactures rubber suspension systems and ride enhancement products for a wide variety of industries.  Visit their site

Fabric Services

Phone: 574-848-5100 
Email: info@fabserv.com 
Fabric services is a global source for an extensive offering of fabrics, vinyls, leathers and polyurethanes for many applications and markets.  Visit their site

Coosa Composites

Phone: 205-880-1962
For over 20 years, Coosa Composites has provided innovative panel solutions for use in a wide variety of industries. Our specialized panels are constructed with high-density, closed-cell, polyurethane foam impregnated with layers of fiberglass to serve as a strong, reliable alternative to plywood and other traditional unreinforced core materials. Coosa’s panels are durable and can withstand even the harshest environmental conditions. The unique construction of Coosa panels provide multiple advantages over honeycomb, unreinforced plastic or foam cores, plywood and other traditional sandwich core materials: Visit their site

Crane Composites

Phone: 574-534-0010
When it comes to Turtle Top Buses, what’s on the outside counts! That’s why Crane Composites NOBLE exterior panels are specifically engineered to provide unsurpassed performance and beauty. Our Noble lineup of sheet glass exterior sidewall panels revolutionized the market and continues to set the standard for the industry.  Visit their site

CMI Enterprises 

Phone: 1-800-426-4826
CMI Enterprises is a national leading supplier of soft-trim textiles and fabrication solutions for the automotive market.  Visit their site


Phone: 800-426-4826
The first coated fabrics manufacturer to use Nanotechnology in developing Nanocide®, which represents the next generation biocide for the coated fabrics industry. Test results show that 99.9% of resistant Staphylococcus germs that come in contact with Nanocide are killed within 30 minutes.  Visit their site


Phone: 800-322-2884
Email: customerservice@riconcorp.com
Across North America and around the world, innovative Ricon wheelchair lifts, ramps and graffiti-fighting bus windows are designed and manufactured to thrive in the most challenging high-traffic environments.  Visit their site

ASA Electronics

Phone: 877-305-0445
Developer of mobile electronics specifically designed and tested to withstand the rigors of automotive, van, RV, heavy duty truck, marine, construction, and agricultural environments.  Visit their site