Terra Transit

Warranty & Service Information

Vehicle Modifier’s Warranty:

Turtle Top is considered the vehicle modifier (or second stage manufacturer) of the vehicle purchased.  As a modifier we have a separate warranty from the chassis manufacturer, also knowns as the Original Equipment Manufacturer (or OEM).  Please refer to the chassis manufacturer’s Owner’s Guide, Warranty Guide and Maintenance Guide included in the vehicle packet of information.  

Example:  Transmission quits working.  This is covered by the Original equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of the chassis, not the modifier.  The modifier does not install the transmission, nor alter it in anyway.  Therefore, the transmission would be serviced through the chassis’ manufacturer. 

Turtle Top Warranty Service Center:

Contact your selling distributor where you purchased your vehicle for questions about your coach or to obtain warranty repair service work.  Turtle Top also has several authorized repair centers across the U.S.A. 

 Turtle Top has a fully staffed customer service department that can be      reached directly at  1-877-428-7243 or 1-574-831-4340.  Hours are 8:00 a.m.  to 4:30 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time Zone). 

Air Conditioning:

The vehicle’s passenger compartment air conditioning system was added onto the OEM chassis manufacturer’s air conditioning system by either Trans/Air, Pro Air (American Cooling Technology), or ACC Climate Control.  Check the label under the hood or inside the cab door jamb to determine air conditioning installer or consult the installer’s service manual. 

Trans/Air Manufacturing:  1-800-673-2446
ProAir/American Cooling Technology:  1-800-338-8544 or 1-877-228-4247
ACC Climate Control:  1-800-462-6322 

Mobility Aid Lift Manufacturers:

The Braun Corporation:
The Braun Corporation offers a warranty of three years/unlimited mileage.  The warranty begins with the date the lift system was installed in your vehicle and not the vehicle’s purchase date.  Braun can be reached at 1-800-THE-LIFT (1-800-843-5438).

Ricon Lift:
The Ricon Corporation offers a five year limited warranty/one year to the original purchaser of their mobility products.  Ricon can be reached at 1-800-322-2884.  

Vehicle Controls:

Interlock, Merlin Multiplex Electrical System:  1-800-969-6080.

RC Tronics:
Bus Power Center:  1-574-642-3857 or 1-866-457-7790. 

Please refer to the O.E.M. or Equipment Options Owner’s Guides in the vehicle packet of information.  These guides include information on optional add-on equipment, owner’s checks and services, maintenance schedules, special operating conditions, service records, general maintenance information, engine specifications and troubleshooting.