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The VT3 represents the state-of-the-art future of the shuttle bus industry. The Turtle Top VT3 is constructed on the Ford Transit 3500 HD cutaway with gas or diesel options for its power train. Lightweight materials such as 6360 aluminum (aircraft grade) are used exclusively for the cage structure which provide superior strength.  They also conserve enough weight necessary to remain under 11,000 GVWR for the chassis. 

This patented, extruded cage structure sets the standard for the current and future designs of Turtle Top products.  The aerodynamic exterior and comfortable interior have also been redesigned featuring great driving visibility and sophisticated automotive styling. Passenger counts from 1 to 17 can be accomplished within weight requirements. This all translates to a lighter weight vehicle with improved fuel economy that is a pleasure to drive down the road.


  • Ford Transit S8P Cutaway Chassis
  • Up to 17 passengers*
  • Patented, aircraft grade aluminum roll-cage structure for superior strength
  • Aerodynamic exterior with sophisticated, automotive styling
  • Under-body lighting at entry locations
  • Wide, 3-step entrance  
  • Ultra-quiet insulation package
  • Exceptional visibility and handling for driver 
  • Generous side windows, Optional front upper passenger windshield
  • Sleek interior with optional accent lighting
  • Wide aisle with interior headroom
  • 11,000 GVWR
  • CDL license not required in most states ** 

 * Some floorplans include luggage areas that reduce the number of seats.  The maximum possible occupancy in this class is 17 seats. 

 **Vehicles with 15 occupants or less do not require CDL in most states.  Those with 16 or more do require CDL.

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